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Melinda Susan Bradberry

My Inspiration

I struggled for a long time to make the best wine that I could. Through all of  my trials and tribulation, My wonderfull freind Melinda was always there to offer her support and to complement me on my wine making. She has purchased countless bottles of wine for me to try, and has also given me so many wine racks, beautiful old bottles, and countless other things to decorate my wine cellar with. With out her support I may have given up so many times, oh and by the way she says she has never tasted better wine than mine!! hehe. So I want to say thanks to the dearest freind and soul mate I have ever had, or will ever have. We aspired of so many dreams together, and who knows mabey someday they will come true, but even if they dont, I will never forget the one person who helped and stood by my side through the learning curve of all my winemaking. It is because of her that I make wonderfull wine, and have even named my apple wine after the both of us JOLINDA (joe & melinda) It will remain with this name as long as I make it. I give my heart felt thanks to Melinda, for her kindness, generousity, and love. I will always hold a place in my heart, my home, my wine cellar, and my winery for her. I will think of her often, and each time I drink a glass of JOLINDA for the rest of my life, I will toast to her. Thank you Melinda YOUR THE GREATEST!!!!!

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