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logo[4].gif (2261 bytes)     Madd Cappers

I listed these folks first, Because The Price and selection is better than any I have seen. And because they are in Canada, You get the dollar difference which saves alot of money, (Lloyd is a very nice and helpfull person.) Highly Recommended!! I buy a lot of my supplies here!!!

Lots of stuff for sale here. hard to find equipment
Worth a trip to find some unusual stuff


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Nice supplies and fairly good pricing, pretty fast delivery.. all in all a good source for supplies.

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Complete Winemaking Kits, and all other additives. Price is higher than some. Credit cards welcome.. Nice oak barrels here..All in all a nice place to shop and buy.

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These folks are very knowledgeable about making Grape wines. They stock TONS of  equipment and chemicals for wine making, can also get commercial size equipment. Well worth a visit to thier site and requesting a catalog to be sent to ya.. Only takes Visa and Mastercard, but will extend credit in some cases...

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