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I would like to take some time here and just talk about wine in general. There are many types of wine, different styles,  made from many area's of the globe.  Red's, white's, rose's all with subtle characteristics of their origins, growing regions and vintners. Truly the finest wines of the world come from the fermentation of grapes. But let me be very clear here!! I once read a book titled " Grapes Into Wine" authored by Philip M. Wagner. He stated that WINE is only made from grapes and that any thing fermented from fruit is not considered wine. THAT'S TOTAL BULL!!!  

I am a true advocate of fruit wines, and believe me they are WINE, and should be called nothing else. It is fact that fruit wines can stand up against some of the great grape wines of the world. What is a Grape?  It is a fruit!!  What is an apple? It is a fruit? What is a peach? it is a fruit! so what is a grape wine??  Well if you want to get technical its a fruit wine!! We do not call a Cabernet Sauvignon a fruit wine, and rightly so. It has earned its prominence as one of the great RED wines of the world. There are vast differences in the grapes that go into making a fine wine, from the chardonnay, to the Pinot Noir ect..   Just as there are vast differences between a heavy RED wine and a well made fruit wine. Therefore we do not really call grape wines fruit wines. My point being here is that fruit wines, no matter the fruit used to produce the finished product, have character, nuances, bouquet, body, and are in all rights WINE..

I will be the first to admit, that my favorite wine is a California Cabernet Sauvignon. The best cabs in the world come from the Napa Valley region and are wonderful creatures in their own right. I however endeavor to try as many different wines as I can. I shiver to think of letting my taste buds go un daunted by only drinking one kind of wine. With each bottle I drink I try to pick up as many subtle things as I can that will give forth its history and uncover the mystery of its birth. This is the case whether I am drinking a friends two year old  fruit wine for the first time, or a 10 year old Chateau Lafitte Rothschild. From the grassy, herbaceous flavors of a Sauvignon Blanc, to the Oak aged Chardonnay's,  each wine is famous and is known for certain characteristics.  You see wine is about exploration, its about friendship and sharing. The moment and company you share as you drink that bottle of wine can make the wine so much better. A home made fruit wine drank alone may be only slightly pleasing, but that same bottle of wine,  if shared with a special loved one, or a group of friends, may take on a  own a whole new meaning and bring out drinking pleasure that just wasn't there before. I dont believe in conservatism when it comes to drinking or making wine. I like to explore, test, challenge, and seek out knowledge. New discoveries are really fun, whether  its in your own winery or in the local wine store. Some of the best wines I have made came from unforeseen circumstances, where I decided to just go for it and try a totally different style of doing something. I love finding a new Italian wine, or some other wine that I have  never before tried, and seeing what lies in store for me as I taste it for the first time. Wine is exciting, its enticing and its elegance is enjoyed by so many. I implore you to always keep an open mind, and to try new and exciting approaches to making and drinking wine. Remember to share your experiences, your recipes, and your wines with friends and family. Allow wine to change how you hold your glass, and  how you savor your food. Taste its perfections and flaws, as it lures you to a new kind of lifestyle. A life of class and elegance and of happiness, and excitement. On your way to being the best Winemaker, and the best connoisseur you can be, remember that wine is the nectar of the gods, and that god has chosen you to be the best winemaker you can be!!!

Go forth and make the best wine you can!!  and then enjoy its riches!!