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As a home winery that turns out quite a bit if wine each year, Bayou Lacroix Vineyards keeps its bottled wines in controlled storage. Although the conditions are not as perfect as described on area's of this page, they are controlled and therefore stable. Our conditions are cooled to at least 67 degrees in the summer months, this takes constant vigilance due to the extreme summer temperatures in south Mississippi. In the winter months the temperature swings about 4 to 5 degrees between day and night, but this is not a large swing and the temperature in the cellar remains in the mid 60's. The fluctuation in the bottle is somewhat less, as temperature changes take awhile to affect wine temperatures in the bottle. Aging is linear and the wine seems to be happy!!

Wine is best stored at humidity levels of 75 to 80 percent and while not all of us can afford the high-tech humidification systems utilized by serious wine collectors a good, damp basement is usually somewhat humid. Stone or gravel floors are good and an old fashioned root cellar is great. Don't be afraid of moldy walls because mold thrives in the same environment that bottled wine likes.

55 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature in which to store wine. Slight temperature fluctuation will be better in the long run than excessive heat swings in either direction. The idea is to maintain as constant a temperature as possible. Remember that the worst enemy of wine is heat above 80 degrees, so if you are plagued by heat waves consider an air-conditioner for your wine storage area.

Just as people become "star-struck" upon meeting celebrities, wine becomes "light struck" when exposed to bright natural or fluorescent light. This is the primary reason to use darker glass for bottling, and if wine is bottled in clear glass you should exercise particular caution to keep it out of bright light. A cool room in your home with heavy drapes, or blacked out windows will be just fine for the wine. Also keeping red wines in a dark bottle will help to keep it dark and safe..

There are a good number of storage systems out on the market today that offer custom insulation, racking and humidification