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Lavin KV-1116
Lavin EC-1118
Red Star Montrachet
Red Star Pasture Red
Red Star Cote Des Blanc
Red Star Premier Cuve'e
Red Star Pasture Champane

Lalvin KV-1116

This strain tends to express freshness of white grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Seyval. The natural fresh fruit aromas are retained longer than with other standard yeast strains. Fruit wines and wines made from concentrates poor in nutrient balance benefit from the capacity of K1V-1116 to adapt to difficult fermentation conditions. Restarts stuck fermentations.

Lalvin EC-1118

This strain was isolated, studied and selected from Champagne fermentations. Due to its competitive factor and ability to ferment equally well over a wide temperature range, the EC-1118 is one of the most widely used yeasts in the world. The fermentation characteristics of the EC-1118 - extremely low production of foam, volatile acid and H2S - make this strain an excellent choice. This strain ferments well over a very wide temperature range, from 7o to 35oC (45o to 95oF) and demonstrates high osmotic and alcohol tolerance. Good flocculation with compact lees and a relatively neutral flavor and aroma contribution are also properties of the EC-1118. The EC-1118 strain is recommended for all types of wines, including sparkling, and late harvest wines and cider. It may also be used to restart stuck fermentations.

Red Star Montrachet

For: full-bodied reds, Chardonnay A vigorous yeast preferred by some for full-bodied reds and Chardonnays, it may have a high temperature spike unless cooled during the peak of fermentation. Montrachet is known for a tendency to make H2S, especially when residual sulfur dust is present at harvest. As a result, we suggest that winemakers approach Montrachet with caution. If no sulfides are formed, wines are full-flavored, complex and intense.I personally Dont recommend ever using this Yeast!!!!

Red Star Pasture Red (French Red, Bordeaux Red) --

For Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other full-bodied reds.
This strong, even fermenter produces full-bodied reds that age well in oak and in the bottle. Pasteur Red encourages development of varietal intensity balanced by complex aromas and flavors. Grapes of the Cabernet family respond well to this yeast, as do other flavorful grapes such as red Rhone varieties. It is the all-time most successful red wine yeast. Nutrient supplementation is recommended.

Red Star Cote Des Blanc

fruity / ester aromas.. moderate fermenter..temperature sensitive.... don't have wide variations in ferm. temp. Tends to stop before dry (leaves residual sugar) Also known as Epernay.

Premier Cuvee (see also EC-1118)

(Formerly known as Prise de Mousse) Ferments over wide temperature range, good for sparkling and still wines. Good strain to restart a stuck or sluggish fermentation. Often imparts a suble citrus like flavor. Good with whites or reds. Saccharomyces byanus strain. Sugar/Alcohol yield varies between 16.5 to 17 g of sugar per % alcohol. AT 150 g sugar per Lt. at 15c the yield is 16.96 alcohol at 200 g sugar per Lt. at 28c the yield is 17.02.

Pasteur Champagne

Moderately vigorous with high SO2 and alcohol tolerance. Fairly neutral. Cold tolerant. Saccharomyces byanus strain


Yeast Starter

This is very simple. just draw off about 1/2 to 1 cup of your must after you have added all the ingredients, including the acid and sugar BUT NOT THE CAMPDEN TABS. we dont want any sulfer dioxide in the starter bottle. Place must in a container that is clean. I use a small mayonaise jar that has the label removed. add a pinch of yeast nutrient and sprinke yeast into jar. Place on the kitchen counter top with the lid just laid on jar and off to the side alittle, so air can get to it. This will kick in FAST!!! By doing this you can cut the wait time after adding campden tabs to only 3-5 hours. I have never had a must fail to start after adding this starter mixture to the must, even only a few hours after adding the C tabs.







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