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Gulf Coast Bayou Chapter
To join this chapter send us email, and we will contact you with information. You will need to be located in the South Mississippi or South East Louisiana Region.

Fruit Wine Recipes


All About Wine Clubs

Wine clubs, of which their are many, offer a convenient way of receiving quality wines, delivered right to your door step. With the recent rise in the popularity of wine, Wine clubs have become more numerous and more flexible in their offerings. Many of the new clubs are now offering international wines, usually one red and one white wine is delivered to their customers each month. Currently the average cost to join a wine club is around $35.00 a month. You will usually receive two bottles a month. There are some draw backs in belonging to a wine club, one of which is that you will need to be home to sign for the delivery. You will also need proof of age to accept the wine. Certain states still have laws forbidding or governing the delivery of wine to a personal residence, and this has caused a lot of frustration among wineries and wine clubs.

According to Jeremy Benson, executive director of Free the Grapes, There is talk of consolidating direct shipment activism in the coming year, but, regardless of legal difficulties, winery clubs continue to prove they will not be beaten. All in all if you live in a state that allows direct shipping of wine to a residence, joining a wine club could prove to be a convenient and affordable way of having fine wines delivered right to your door every month. These wines are often at their and peak and ready for drinking, with an occasional heavy read that can still use more cellaring time.


  • The health benefits to moderate consumption of wine, some statistics and links to other articles on wine and health.


  Basic Winemaking


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  • Wine Logs

Advanced Winemaking

  • Fining

  • Filtering

  • Fixing Mistakes

  • Cold Stabilization

  • Labeling

  • Wine Cellaring

  • Wine Evaluation



Step By Step

Using a hydrometer

Learn to take accurate measurements of potential alcohol, specific gravity, and sugar ounces in a must.

Using an acid test kit to measure percent tartaric
Use a common acid testing kit to determine the acid in a must. Given as percent
Making a fruit wine
10 steps to making a fine fruit wine. 
Making wine from a wine kit or concentrate
Understand the new methods to making kit wines. A day by day guide from fermentation to bottling a premium wine kit.
White grape wines
A study of making a white grape wine. Crushing, pressing, fermentation, and
Red grape wines
A study of making a red grape wine. Crushing, pulp fermentation, skin contact time, pressing, and finishing.

Bayou Lacroix Vineyards