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Bayou Lacroix wine labels

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Awarded 07/12/99
of POD

1998 Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon

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My operation is still small at this point, and this helps me to make the best wine That I can. I  hope to provide some valuable insight for those of you wanting to make excellent wines at home. I have learned a great deal since starting my winemaking and vineyard. I remember having so many questions, and always getting different answers from people. Those in this circle are very kind and helpfull, but opinions vary. I often just had to try my best and make mistakes to learn. Just as opinions vary so do tastes, so a Wine that you absolutely love may not taste good to someone else. But hey if your making it, and YOU like it then its good!! I will start you off with one important lesson I have learned and then let you fetch other information from the other pages on this site. The lesson is never bottle your wine to soon!!! always let your wine age in bulk and give all the stuff that is going to settle out time to do so in a carboy. This way you will never have settlement in your bottles.. I hate settelment in a bottle and it just will not do for me..  I wish you all the happiness, fun, and luck in your wine making and if I can help in anyway just drop me an email with your questions. (In time I will add some pages on growing muscadine grapes.)


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